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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Take on Essay Writing Services: Which is the Best? Review

Before someone starts judging me for using custom writing services, let me get things clear right from the start: being a student is harder than I ever thought. It’s not that I’m not interested in the studies – I pull all-nighters, do well on exams, and try to do as many papers as my time allows… but I’m still far from getting everything done in time. It’s not about bad time management; it’s all about overwhelming curriculums.

When I heard that my fellow students in high school were using custom writing services, I thought that all my troubles have come to an end… until I realized that there are ridiculously many companies on the market and had the bad luck of bumping onto the wrong ones the first couple of times. It took some trial and error for me to find services that are good enough for my money and my professors’ expectations.

Choosing a great essay writing website takes more than browsing through some websites that pop up in Google results. After all, you’ve seen what they all claim – “we are the best in this industry”. For the good of all students out there, I decided to write this elaborate review on some of the top essay writing services on the market and tell you how good they really are.


The thing I most appreciated about this website at first sight was the offer of free samples. I took a look at the featured content and decided that if everything they deliver was of this quality, I wouldn’t have any remarks. The claim that this company has over 10 years of experience in the writing market also gives credibility, and its policies are quite beneficial for the customers. It has strong privacy guarantees, as well as money-back guarantees and a possibility to ask for free amendments.

After few wrong decisions with other custom writing services, I had my doubts about these claims. However, I decided to order my history research paper from this website and I’m glad I made that choice.

The result? This is the most professional writing service I’ve dealt with so far. I needed a very detailed history research paper and I already had my ideas on what to write, but didn’t have the time to complete it. The writer understood what I wanted immediately and delivered just what I expected – it was like I’ve written it myself, only catchier and with better academic language.

This paper was very important for my final grade in that class, so I was a little annoying with my questions to the customer support and writer, asking for constant updates. They were very helpful and kept me updated with the order status all along.

I ordered a research paper of Premium Quality with a deadline of 7 days (price per page was $24.99) and used a discount code that got me 25% off. This website offers quite reasonable quotes per page, the lowest one being $21.99 for Standard Quality with deadline of 10 days, and the highest one $60.99 for Platinum Quality with a 3-hour deadline. For the highly-professional service I got from this company, I have to say the prices are very reasonable.

The paper I received was exquisite, and my professor was just as impressed as I was (I have a strong A to prove that). This is the company I recommend the most to my friends. I am planning to place more orders from them, so I will update this review if my impression changes.

2. was recommended by a friend of mine who had great experience with this company. She said “this is the company you need for extremely urgent papers, the name says it all”. I was in a tight situation with an essay for my sociology class, which I thought I would be able to write the night before due date. My friend’s recommendation was from experience in an urgent situation, so I decided to take the risk and ordered an essay with a deadline of 6 hours ($45.95 per page for an Advanced Level paper).

I contacted the customer support center immediately after placing the order and made sure to stress out how important this paper was. They were very attentive and understanding, and assured me that a writer with a sociology Master’s has already been assigned to the case. The paper came in right on time, and its quality was acceptable. It wasn’t impressive so I had to make few corrections myself, but all in all I was lucky to have chosen this company at the time because I don’t know what would happen if the decision was different.

The paper would have been impressive for someone else, because its quality was quite decent, but I am a sociology major and have really high standards when it comes to this area of study.

The prices of this company are affordable (of course, when it comes to the longer deadlines – the short deadlines are expensive no matter what company you choose, but I wouldn’t write a paper on such short notice for anything less). An essay with a deadline of 10 days costs $22.95 per page for Standard Level, and $52.95 per page for an essay of Premium Level with a 3-hour deadline.

When compared to the prices at, you will notice that has higher quotes for the longer deadlines and lower quotes per page for the shorter deadlines.

The only thing I would change was adding few discussion points in the paper, but I was completely satisfied with the service and have great things to say for the website’s customer support.


I’ve had a long-term relationship with SuperiorPapers I had my favorite history writer I repeatedly requested and I was satisfied for the last year of high school and first year of college with my regular orders at this website. You already guess – history isn’t my favorite subject, so I often need help with papers for this class. My communication with the writer and customer service of this website was top-notch. The orders were always on time (I’ve ordered 4-5 times from the same website), and the quality was impeccable.

Whenever I had additional requirements and asked for free revisions, the writer understood exactly what I wanted and managed to perfect the content to meet my needs.

However, my preferred writer wasn’t available for the last order and that was the point when I decided to try out and came to the conclusion that it was one step above this one when it comes to website usability and customer support. I still have only great things to say about and I will probably return to it for my history papers. According to my personal experience, this is the website that has some of the best professional essay writers on the market.

The company provides free amendments, outline, title page, bibliography, e-mail deliver and formatting. I was never required to pay anything above the prices stated on the website. The extensive team of writers is consisted of professionals of all fields of study, so they have the capacity of completing any order with any deadline.

The prices are very affordable when it comes to the longer deadlines, which is why this website was my regular choice for a long time. An essay of Standard Quality with a deadline of 10 days costs $19.99 per page, and a Platinum-quality essay with a deadline of 3 hours costs $57.99 per page.


This website is real refreshment in the industry. I was getting tired from similar-looking websites that offer similar order forms and features. has a distinctive design that’s more appealing and looks extremely professional. I know that the look of the website is not a determining factor when it comes to choosing the best writing service, but I appreciate companies that invest in a good design.

After placing more orders at BestEssays and SuperiorPapers, I was on the search for another reliable website where I could use the benefits of a new customer. I needed a paper for my philosophy class, and let me tell you – the professor is quite demanding and requires students to have strong opinions.

I ordered a 5-page essay of Premium Quality for a deadline of 10 days ($21.99 per page), and landed the 15% discount as a new-coming customer. I was thinking about choosing the extra feature “fulfilled by top 10 writers”, but decided that the guarantees for Premium Quality should be enough for my needs.

The paper came in earlier than expected – I got it within a week. I had remarks on some points of the discussion (some parts seemed too generic and not strong enough), so I made notes within the document and contacted the customer support to elaborate my arguments. The agent that attended me understood the issue and the Quality Assurance department approved my paper for revisions. The same writer worked on the revisions and I got it back within 2 days after. I was completely satisfied with the final result, and got a B on the paper (expecting an A from this professor is science fiction).

The prices for the longest deadline are cheaper when compared to my first choice of an essay writing service (, which puts this website on my list for future possible choices. An essay of Standard Quality with a deadline of 10 days costs $19.99 per page, and the price for an essay of Platinum Quality with a deadline of 3 hours is $52.99 per page.

5. was my choice for a psychology paper. It offers a great discount of 20% on the first order, which was why I decided to give it a try. I already had custom-writing companies I could trust, but regular customers usually get lower discounts when compared to newcomers, so I decide to try a new essay writing company from time to time.
Strange thing to see was a little bit confusing design. But nice girl at customer support told me that they are having some hosting issues and fixing that bug, so  there is nothing to worry about.

I asked the writer to use a specific source to develop the discussion, and he accepted my requirements without any problems. I contacted the writer two or three times to get updates on the progress and the writer was always available to respond to my questions. He had some questions himself, which I highly appreciated, since he was interested about my standings on the topic and wanted to tailor a paper that would represent me.

The result was less than impressive, because large parts of the essay were paraphrased paragraphs of the source I submitted to the writer. There were some original parts in the discussion and the overall impression for the paper would have been great if I hadn’t read the source before. I didn’t ask for revisions because the due date was the following morning, and didn’t have the time to make corrections myself so I decided to accept it as it was. However, I got an A on it, so everything turned out better than expected. The paper was definitely not pre-written, and it was obvious that the writer invested effort in satisfying my requirements.

My order was a 5-page essay of Premium Quality with a deadline of 5 days (the price per page was $23.99). As you can see, I always choose the Premium Quality option because my experience taught me that it offers the best value for the price. The prices at the website are quite affordable – $19.99 per page for Standard Quality with deadline of 10 days, and $52.99 per page for Platinum Quality with a deadline of 3 hours.

Conclusion – Essay writing services are worth it when you know which one to choose

The choice of essay writing services on the market can be overwhelming. For a student in need, it may be easy to make the wrong decision and end up with a scamming website. I’ve made bad choices myself, but we’ll talk about them in another review. It took a lot of guesses to end up with a narrowed list of companies that deliver true quality and care for the customer’s needs, but the 5 websites listed above definitely deserved their spot in my top list.  

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Buy Essay Online - Best Writing Services to Choose

Students today are lucky to have online custom writing services on their side. With the academic curriculums becoming more and more challenging by the semester, and professors assigning an endless number of papers, it’s no wonder why most students decide to pay for essays and get impeccably-written content by the deadline they have.

However, things become complicated when you become aware of the huge number of custom-writing companies offering their services to students. They all claim to be among the best in the industry and will definitely attract you to buy college papers if you don’t research further than their website. Unfortunately, this industry is full of frauds and scams, so we will help you make a smart decision by recommending 5 reputable websites that deliver high quality you can always rely on.

We will judge each service according to five factors: quality, service versatility, prices, website usability, and the unique features that distinguish the company from the other services on the market.

Essay-On-Time is one of the most popular and most trusted custom-writing services on the web. There are valid reasons why many students decide to buy research papers, essays, coursework and all other types of assignments at this website: the company always manages to satisfy their expectations and meet their requirements.


No matter what type of paper you order, you can expect only top-notch content to be delivered by Essay-On-Time. This company’s writing team consists of educated and experienced academic writers that hold MA and PhD degrees. The writers are very collaborative and follow the customers’ instructions every time.
The customer can choose three levels of quality when completing the order form: Standard, Premium, and Platinum. The Platinum level is recommended for important projects, such as MA thesis or PhD dissertations. For simple high school and college essays, the Standard level of quality is more than enough.

Service versatility

There isn’t a subject, topic, or academic level that cannot be covered by this company’s writers.  The wide range of products includes essays, term papers, coursework, book reports, theses, dissertations, admission services, proofreading and editing services, and much more. All subject areas are covered by writers holding a corresponding MA or PhD degree.


The prices offered by this company fall within the affordable range in the custom-writing industry. If you want to buy essay at Essay-On-Time, you will need to pay somewhere between $19.99 and $52.99 per page, depending on the level of quality and deadline you select for your order.

Website usability

The website is very user-friendly and informative. For all information you can’t find and all questions you have, you can contact the 24/7 support team that’s always ready to attend the clients. The customer support agents are very helpful through all stages of the order’s progress.
The process of delivery is simple: the customer chooses the preferred level of quality and deadline, as well as the type of paper or assignment they want to order. After all details are provided and the payment is processed, the company will assign a writer who will start working on the paper immediately. Timely delivery is guaranteed with this service, and it seems that students are always satisfied with the efficiency of their writers.
The only thing we would add is a clear list of offered services on the website.

What makes the service different?

The clear record of constant delivery of high quality is what makes this service special. You can use great discount offers and free features that will increase the value of its services.

BestEssays is one of the custom-writing services with the longest and most extensive experience in this industry. The company has been serving students’ needs since 1997, and has managed to maintain its reputation intact. If you are searching for an extremely reliable service that never fails to comply with its strong guarantees, BestEssays is one of your safest bets.


Whether you decide to buy term papers, essays, coursework, MA or PhD projects from this company, you can expect to receive the best quality in return. This is one of the biggest custom-writing services in the industry, with a team of writers comprised of over 1000 holders of MA and PhD degrees.
Same as Essay-On-Time, BestEssays also offers a choice of three levels of quality: Standard, Premium, and Platinum Quality. The Premium Quality is recommended as the best choice, since it offers the best value for your money. However, the Standard level shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to high school and college assignments, since it is still being covered by expert writers who hold MA degrees.

Service versatility

The great number of writers this company hires enables it to accept all types of orders and assign them to the most suitable expert writers. You can order all types of academic services on this website, which include writing services, dissertation and thesis services, admission services, editing and proofreading services, resume-writing services, and all types of assignments (including research summaries, which are difficult to find elsewhere).


As one of the most reputable custom-writing services on the market, BestEssays can justify slightly higher quotes per page, which start at $21.99 and go up to $60.99, depending on the chosen deadline and level of quality. However, the company does offer great free features and discounts for both new-coming and returning customers, which significantly reduce the final cost of an order.

Website usability is one of the simplest and most user-friendly websites we have come across within the custom-writing industry. It’s not the most visually appealing design, but everything works effortlessly and you can find all information you need on the website.
The customer service representatives are also available 24/7 via live chat and other contact options, so you can feel free to get in touch with them and get all answers before you place an order or during your order’s completion process.

What makes the service different?

- Its reputation. Thousands of students have trusted this company and received unmatched quality and convenience of service every time. The range of services is slightly more extensive than what other companies are offering, mainly because of the research summary service, which was recently added to the offer.

RushEssay is another veteran in the custom-writing industry, with its beginnings dating back in 1997. This company’s biggest pride is that over 90% of their first-time customers come back to buy essay online at their website. The team of writers repeatedly manages to deliver great quality at an affordable price.


In terms of quality, you really cannot go wrong by choosing RushEssay. The company works under strong guarantees and always delivers free revisions when the content needs to be fixed. The writers hired by this service are degreed and experienced, but they also satisfy the company’s standards of creativity. RushEssay has a very strict procedure of hiring new writers in its team, and you can be sure that the expert they assign to your order will know how to meet your expectations.
You can choose from three levels of quality: Standard, Advanced, and Premium level, depending on the complexity of your order.

Service versatility

The company delivers all types of academic writing services, assignments, dissertation and thesis services, resume services, editing services and admission services. This is another company that delivers research summaries, so you can make your pick between RushEssay or BestEssay if that’s the service you need.


RushEssay is somewhere between Essay-On-Time and BestEssay as far as the prices are concerned. The quotes per page start at $22.95 (for an order of Standard quality with a deadline of 10 days), and go up to $52.95 for an order of Premium level with a 3-hour deadline.
This company also offers beneficial discounts for its first-time customers, as well as a great cumulative discount program for regular users.

Website usability

Everything is clear and simple on the website, and you can easily place an order. The list of services is nice and clear, so you can immediately see whether or not the website offers what you’re looking for without the need to review the order form or contact the customer service agents.
As far as the customer support system is concerned, the agents are available at all times to assist all potential and current clients during the process of order placement, completion, and revision requirements.

What makes the service different?

We would have to say it’s the customer support system. The company has great writers and delivers top quality, but its team of customer support agents is what takes the experience on a higher level. You would have to pay additionally for VIP support if you wanted to receive the same level of assistance at most other websites.

BestCustomEssay is a company that pleasantly surprised us with the level of creativity and talent in its team of writers. The company was established in 2008 and has managed to create a large base of regular customers since then.


The company always delivers high quality, especially when the customers choose the Platinum level, which is recommended for projects that require thorough research of specific subjects, such as Finance, Biology, Law, and Math. Standard quality is recommended for academic papers with simple content and without the need for an extensive research. Premium quality falls in between these options, but it’s a great choice for papers at Bachelor and MA level.

Service versatility

At, students can order all types of writing services, dissertation and thesis services, resume-writing services, admission services, and professional editing services. The website could use a more detailed list of all its services, but you can contact the customer representatives to ask if the company can provide a specific service custom-tailored for your needs.
The company has writers from all fields of study, so you can feel safe to order a paper of any niche and any complexity.


The prices are quite acceptable, within the same range as the quotes per page offered by Essay-On-Time. Depending on the deadline and level of quality the customer chooses, the prices per page at start at $19.99 and go up to $52.99.
The company also provides a great discount for first-time users. When the high quality provided for Platinum level is taken into consideration, this service is a wise choice for more complex papers of MA and PhD level at a fair price.

Website usability

The website features a lot of text you may or may not be interested to read, but we cannot deny that it provides all information you need. The process of placing an order is very quick and easy, and the company enables you to track the order status during its completion.
In the order form, you can choose among four different academic levels: high school, undergraduate, master, and PhD. You can combine the academic level with one of the three levels of quality offered by the company (Standard, Premium, and Platinum).

What makes the service different?

This is one of the most cost-effective services on the market, which delivers great quality at very competitive prices.

When you think of the most reputable custom-writing services, you cannot miss mentioning SuperiorPapers. This is another service that emerged in 1997 and has been serving international students ever since. It constantly evolves and upgrades its policies to adapt them to the needs of today’s students. The work delivered by this company is based upon strong guarantees of safety, uniqueness, timely delivery, and unmatched customer support.


SuperiorPapers is recognizable for the quality it delivers. It has brilliant writers in its team, which deliver work that’s not only based on verifiable research and in-depth knowledge in the niche, but creative thought and uniqueness as well. Regardless of the level of difficulty, SuperiorPapers can always find the right writer for your project.
This company also offers three levels of quality to choose from: Standard, Premium, and Platinum. The Platinum level is more expensive, but really valuable because it includes professional proofreading by the company’s Quality Assurance specialists, SMS notifications on the order’s status and other cool features. The highest level of quality is recommended for specific subjects, such as Aviation or Engineering.

Service versatility

SuperiorPapers literally delivers all academic services you can think of. Assignments from the niche of Programming are the latest addition to its offer, and this website is probably the best destination for all students who want to order Programming projects.
Besides different types of assignments, the company also delivers all types of academic writing services, resume services, thesis and dissertation services, and professional services of editing.


The prices at SuperiorPapers start at $19.99 per page for projects of Standard quality with urgency of 10 days, and go up to $57.99 per page for projects of Platinum quality with a 3-hour deadline.
Certain options on the pricing chart come with special free additions, such as VIP support, order prepared by one of the top 10 writers in the niche, or free proofreading by a professional editor.

Website usability is a very user-friendly website. The order form is clear and simple, but still detailed enough to get all needed information for a custom-tailored paper. Although you won’t be intrigued by the website’s design, you simply cannot find anything wrong with its simplicity and usability.
The customer support agents are accessible via live chat, Skype call, e-mail and phone support 24/7.

What makes the service different?

The company offers free samples, which showcase the level of quality and expertise its writers are capable of delivering. This feature is greatly appreciated if you want to see what you will get for your money, but you can also use those samples as examples of how great academic writing should be done.

Conclusion: Choose the company that fits your needs!

Now that you have a choice of five companies that never fail to deliver great quality, all you need to do is go through their websites and see which one offers the best price and best convenience for your requirements.
Don’t hold back on contacting the customer support at the website you are interested in, since that is the best way to get insight into the company’s professionalism and reliability.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Write my essay? Who can?

When it comes to essay writing services, I won’t be falsely humble: I have a lot of experience with them and almost always manage to choose the right one for a particular project. No matter how much I trust a certain custom writing service, I never order all of my papers from the same website, because all companies have their advantages and drawbacks. Everything depends on the particular requirements of a project, so I always ask myself the same question: who should write my essay for me this time?
Recently, my literature professor gave us a challenging essay to write, motivated by The Castle by Franz Kafka. My roommate, who usually does her own book reviews, couldn’t write a single sentence and asked me if I could order her essay as well.
Two similar essays seemed like an excellent opportunity for a duel between two custom writing companies. When I was wondering who should write my essay, I decided to choose BestEssays as one of my top choices for literature projects. I have already reviewed this company with positive remarks, so this should have been the ultimate test on trustworthiness. The choice for my friend’s essay fell on Essay-On-Time, another company that has earned my trust with previous orders. Which website turned out as a better choice to do my essay?

BestEssays vs. Essay-On-Time – the website duel

When it comes to the websites, I have to say that BestEssays is my favorite of the two. It’s cleaner and I can find any information I need easily. The look of the website is not enough for me to choose a certain company to write a paper for me, but it sure helps when you can easily find your way around the services and different offers. 

Overview: which essay was better?

When I ordered my essay at BestEssays, I required the writer to focus on the characters’ psychology. This aspect of Kafka’s writing was what puzzled me the most. The content I got was exactly what I was looking for. The writer had deep understanding of the characters – it was clear that he has experience in literature reviews, but the language was simple, clean and understandable. The essay looked as something I would have written.

My friend wanted the focus of her paper to be on the absurd of the government. I received a high-quality essay written according to her requirements, but it seemed like the writer tried too hard with the choice of words. I would have definitely made some corrections and work on the clarity to make it seem like it was written by me, but my friend was literally impressed by it. She liked the style and ended up getting a higher grade than me, but the content of the paper is not the only factor taken into consideration when forming the grade – she is an active student who reads a lot and my professor knows that, so I would have expected her to score higher even if we switched the papers.
Nevertheless, I made the right choice for companies to help me write my essay. Both writers understood exactly what we needed and made sure to deliver content that would satisfy our expectations. 
There were no needs for any revisions, the essays were delivered just in time, and we both got great grades. BestEssays will remain my personal choice for book reviews, but I would recommend you to go for Essay-On-Time if you want to receive content written with a more complicated and refined style. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Best essay writers online?

Essay Writing Done With Only Exceptional and High Quality

If you have been searching for essay writers online, who provides high quality writing skills and talent with affordable prices, is just the website you should try out. It is basically professional essay writing at prices that many can fit into their tight budget. This article contains the sight from inside, and some quotes from the company website.

Writing Essays Is Their Ultimate Service

Scared that you will not make a deadline for a paper assigned to you? Needing some help in the writing department? At, we give our valued customers a wide range of writing services that only aim for excellent and top quality papers that always make their deadline dates. We make sure that we deliver you the best solution that we can offer so that you do not have to worry about stressing out too much on essay deadlines.

What Do We Have To Offer?

As essay writing is our top priority and speciality in our website, we also offer other things for our beloved customers:
  1. Professionally made papers that meet all specific guidelines and instructions as per customer
  2. Our expert essay writers do their own research regarding the needed topic and also do the brainstorming and outline if necessary
  3. Proofreading services to make sure all papers are free from typographical and grammatical errors
  4. Customers can select the level of difficulty of their papers and who will be writing it for them (online writers with master’s degree and PhDs available)
  5. Deadlines are always met because papers are done on time and at top quality
  6. Discounts for loyal customers depending on their needs
  7. 24/7 Customer Service Assistance for inquires and questions
  8. 100% plagiarism free papers
  9. Free outlines for those needing it

When Is a Good Time To Avail of Writing Services?

There are times that people just need help when it comes to writing essays for school or work, especially if it is becoming difficult. For those who are stressed out, drained, taking care of other personal issues, without any time and struggling with writing paragraphs and the English language, can provide you with the services that you need. Making sure that your academic grades are high rankings since all of the papers that our professional writers create for you will be the best.

Who Will Write For Me?

Our writing services will be done by trained academic professionals with their bachelor’s and master’s degree and PhD. There are levels that you can choose from when it comes to the difficulty of your needed paper. All you have to do is provide our writers with the information that they need in creating your paper so that they will be guided accordingly. Leave the rest to them to make sure that your paper will be flawless. Make an order here

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Which are the best dissertation services on the market?

Choosing the right dissertation service to work on your dissertation is not easy at all. You can’t waste any time and money trying out different services to see which one is better, so the best way to make you choice is by reading dissertation reviews and seeing what other customers got at specific websites.
Rank Company Support
Usability Site
Visit Site
Visit Site
Visit Site
The most important factors to consider when looking for the best dissertation writing service include: services offered, confidentiality, trustworthiness, delivery of custom work only, reasonable prices (but you can’t expect cheap quotes for a high-quality dissertation), the writers’ qualifications, control of quality, and safety.  When searching for the top dissertation writing services on the market, three websites are singled out as some of the best choices for PhD candidates:, and Let’s see if and how these companies satisfy the above-mentioned factors